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Dec 31, 2011 9:00am PST
for corruption and sentencing deserved that spot. for number three penn state's jerry sandusky, and american student in italy amanda knox also at number three. first why didn't you put sandusky on your list? >> well, you know what, if cases were based on allegations, then casey anthony would have been convicted. i think the jerry sandusky case is an important case and it's opening up a lot of observation and concern about what goes on in campuses and college campuses and high school. but the bottom line is at this point we have some very outrageous allegations. let's see what happens in 2012. may make the top ten of 2012. right now it's absolutely too early to put on the list. >> but amanda knox instead? >> oh, yeah. >> what stood out for you on that? >> amanda knox i think is very, very important. we read 143-page what's called a motivation by appeals judge and demonstrated unlike american courts how perverted some judicial systems are in terms of safeguards. safeguards meaning the right to cross-examination, the right against self-incrimination. the good news is that the italian appeals co
Dec 30, 2011 11:00pm PST
acusaciones de abuso sexual en contra del asistente de futbol jerry sandusky... el legendario entrenador joe paterno fue despedido tras el escandalo... el caso sandusky continuara durante el 2012... otra de las noticias a destacar en este aqo que termina, tiene que ver con algo que nos afecta a todos: la economia y la politica... sin duda fue un aqo sumamente dificil para las miles de personas desempleadas... y la importancia, se ve reflejada en el ambito politico como nos dice, yezmin thomas... el 2011 fue un ano de muchos retos para la economia del pais.. las secuelas de la recesion que comenzo en diciembre de 2007 todavia se siguen sintiendo.. actualmente el indice de desempleo segun el departamento de estadisticas laborales es de 8.6 , casi el doble del registrado cuando comenzo la recesion hace 4 crisis economica ha orillado a muchas familias mas a vivir en la pobreza.. segun datos del censo la mitad de la poblacion del pais vive en la pobreza o carece de suficientes recursos para subsistir.. el efecto domino de la crisis tambien daqo la reputacion economica de estados unidos..
Dec 31, 2011 5:00am PST
years. >> coming up in 2012, jerry sandusky, former assistant coach at penn state and going to court to testify against charges against him of abusing kids. how -- how much of a circus do you expect this to get? >> it's amazing so far. first of all, we will see on the side of the prosecution will more alleged victims step forward and will there be more charges? sandusky may continue to do interviews and in a sense put himself in a corner because everything he says can be brought into a court of law when that trial begins so stay tuned. >> are you surprised he keeps talking to the press? >> very surprised. >> his lawyer is telling him it's okay to do? >> very surprised. this could come into trial as a statement against the interest. if it doesn't add up to the evidence the prosecutors have, there are inconsistencies. >> jean casarez, thank you and happy new year. >> and to you too. >>> now sean mclaughlin is filling in for lonnie quick. am i the first person to do that? >> not the first in the last 20, 30 years. >> 2011 looking clear in the southern plains. a mixture of snow and rain
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)